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  • Thor Robotics MARIANA 2458 FPV Underwater Drone Camera Drone

    RTR(Ready to run) 
    5.8G HD Image Transmission
    HD Camera Pixel 1280x1024
    ABS and transparent hull
    2.4G Remote Control
    IP68 class waterproof
    Children Protection
    Good Play Partner For Kids
    watch real-time video
    Ways of connection : Wired or WIFI, both OK
    The Number of Connecting Devices: UP to 5 devices at the same time ( Only WHEN FPV Under the WIFI mode)
  • Specifications:
    Displacement: 0.8kg  
    Overall Length: 256mm
    Beam: 160mm
    Draft: 80mm
    Height: 110mm
    Prop: 2x OD 28mm
    Motor: 2x 8000rpm
    Light: 10x10 LUMEN
    Battery:7.2V3AH Ni-Mh
    Speed: 1.5 knots (2.8km/h)
    Max. Depth: 3m
    Maximum Control Range:100M
    Antenna length:3 meters
    Children Protection
    Professional waterproof
  • Introduction_
    Mariana is a lovely mini submarine,she is a swimming camera power with 2 brushless
    motor(vector propellers),high lumen LED spotlights,they can supply unbelievable
    Maneuverability and interesting functions.Mariana is a stable platform for taking underwater still photos and videos  .
  • You can play with it when you swimming ,boating or other water sports.It can catch your exciting scene.you can control it and watch real-time screen by cellphone(pad),obviously they need a waterproof shell.
  • Mariana is drived by a Ni-mh safety battery,easy to open hull and charge.MARIANA is a Mini submarine for personal Entertainment.It has a lovely,Optimized ergonomics exterior,with child protection and human security concept.

Brand: THOR roboTiCS

Publisher: Thor Robotics Inc

This model is not suitable for minors, must be accompanied by the guardian.
The motor can not run for a long time at high power, otherwise it will be burned; please adjust the buoyancy so that the submarine can dive smoothly with a small amount of power.
Before use, you must use a dedicated charger to fully charge the power supply and use nylon cable tie to secure the battery to the related place.
Before use, make sure that there is no relevant radio interference in the surrounding environment.
Pay attention to observe the situation in the water, especially the large flow velocity, whirlpool interference, to the strength to avoid.
Watch for objects in the water, such as boats, weeds, fishing nets, and sundries, and be sure to avoid it.
After each use is completed, need to rinse the submarine with water, especially the two thrusters.
1.Mariana submarine body
3.Remote Control(2.4G)
7.Packing Box
8.1 PC NI - MH Battery
9.Toolkit ( including commonly used tools )
10.one yellow duck with antenna
More Videos and photos welcome to check and follow our FB homepage ThorRobotics ,thank you

UPC: 606479624336

EAN: 606479624336

Package Dimensions: 16.8 x 9.0 x 9.0 inches