3-Person Heavy-Duty Tensioned Triple Hammock

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Details: Tensile is an innovative camping equipment company that designs wondrously versatile suspension treehouse tents. Envisioned as an environmentally-conscious way to save forests, our durable camping shelters utilize trees to create incredibly adaptable tensioned treehouse structures—letting outdoor enthusiasts set up enchanting campsites suspended above the earth! Featuring a cutting-edge suspension design that uses dependable ratchet straps to structure futuristic suspend able shelters, our livable portable treehouses anchor securely to V-shaped tree configurations—which are fixed in place by 2.5 metric tons of heavy-duty industrial tension. Letting outdoors-men and -women experience the wilderness from excitingly new vantage points, our lightweight treehouse tents help campers, hikers and recreationalists create vivid outdoor memories over hard, wet, rocky, uneven terrain—and/or unsafe ground conditions. Whether purchasing our iconic Connect portable tree tent that’s perfect for two, our flagship Stingray suspended treehouse shelter, our ultralight Flite+, our most affordable one-person UNA or our brand-new three-person Stealth all-terrain camping shelter, Tensile gives you the freedom to pursue any outdoor adventure around the world imaginable… We even help thrill-seekers and survivalists set up adventurous suspension campsites on mountainsides with our daring Trillium Hammocks! Ideal for camping, expeditions, safari retreats, wild life filming, festivals, scientific research, humanitarian disaster relief—as well as pitching in backyards for the whole family to enjoy at home—our habitable settlements easily establish short- or long-term living accommodations in the wild while also providing affordable shelter practically anywhere! ABOUT TENTSILE: Tensile saves and protects trees by raising environmental awareness. In association with We Forest Initiative and Eden Projects, we plant 18 trees for every suspension tree tent our nature-loving clients buy.


  • The Tensile Trillium is an innovative triple hammock that lets you set up suspended campsites in no time at all. Lounge along riverbanks, relax in lush forests, bathe in energizing sunlight and bask in gorgeous starlight, with zero footprint left behind!
  • Our 14-lbs. 3-person hammock supports up to 880 lbs. Anchoring to 3 strong trees with 3 powerful ratchet straps, Trillium is secured in place by heavy-duty industrial webbing-giving you a comfortable night's sleep right over the cold hard ground.
  • Trillium's 92-sq. foot triangular layout is perfect for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids and is available in our water- and UV-resistant signature apple-green fabric floor-as well as a heavy-duty black mesh netting for maximum summertime ventilation.
  • Fasten a Tensile Webbing Ladder to Trillium's central hatch for fast access, or attach a Drinks Holder to it keeps refreshments in place... Roof Kits can be strung up above Trillium in various colors to deflect sunlight, light wind and moderate rain.
  • And full Tree Tent conversion is achieved by securing Vista's rainfly roof and mesh netting to Trillium's built-in pole sockets. Tensile also plants 18 trees for all hammocks and tents our clients buy.

Brand: Tentsile

Color: Green Fabric

Publisher: Tentsile

EAN: 5060394820412

Release Date: 01-11-2018

Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 9.8 x 9.6 inches