Star Chart Survival Bandana with Glow in The Dark Ink

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  • EXPLORE THE COSMOS - Whether stargazing or navigating, this bandana should be in your back pocket. It shows the constellations in the summer night sky in North America with bright glow in the dark ink so your eyes don't need to readjust to the night sky every time you look up from your chart.
  • SURVIVAL TIPS - Included are a few tips for quick ways to determine the cardinal points of the compass using celestial bodies.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS - An excellent gift for the outdoors enthusiast or survivalist on your list.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Printed with soft water based inks that will hold their color under the roughest treatment. These American made, 100% bandanas are made to be used, and offer you another layer of information that a standard bandana won't.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Printed on 100% cotton. Made and printed in the USA. 22" x 22" square.

Brand: Colter Co.

Color: Black with glow in the dark ink

Publisher: Colter Co.

Details: Star chart Survival Bandana

  • Survival kits
  • Preparedness kits
  • Bug out bag
  • General camping gear
  • Preparedness kits
  • Teaching kids how to navigate with the stars
  • PLUS doing all of the literally thousands of things you can do with a regular bandana

  • The Stargazer gives you a convenient way to carry your star chart.
    This durable, 100% cotton bandana is printed with glow in the dark ink, so your eyes stay adjusted to the night sky while looking at the chart.
    And it has a few tips on navigating using celestial bodies in a survival .

    Did we mention how incredibly useful a bandana is? This item makes a fantastic addition to a day pack, survival kit,
    bug out bag, or as a gift for any one who loves the outdoors. With a good rope and the right knot, you can do quite a lot!

    These bandanas are machine washable, and in fact get better and softer with use. Wash them with like colors and don't
    worry about the ink flaking off. They are printed with water based inks which dye the image into the fabric.

    These are great as gifts for anyone that loves the outdoors. They ship with paper belly band packaging.
    Each of our bandanas is designed to help you take more and carry less.
    You can take more reference information, more outdoor skills, more functionality without adding any weight of space to your pack.

    Most outdoorsmen carry a bandana. Why not make it one that does more for you.

    These make the perfect gift for a youth or boy scout that is just learning these essential outdoor skills.


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