Smart Aluminum Luggage Carry On USB and App 20 Suitcase TSA Lock Matte

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The world’s first aluminum smart carry on suitcase with USB port is engineered by Samsara. The intelligent, carry on suitcase has been featured in some of the most prominent publications including Forbes, Travel + Leisure, Newsweek, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Style, Wired, and more. The Samsara Suitcase comes in two color choices: aluminum natural silver of sleek black matte.


Our design team at Samsara Suitcase has developed an unparalleled smart luggage piece for a modern, technological world showcasing full compatibility, safety, and security. The TSA lock carry on travel 20-inch travel suitcase is the ideal choice whether for travel or to use at the workplace.


We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that the carry on exceeds travel standards. The carry on USB luggage is approved by the FCC, RoHS, IEC62471, TSA Locks, CE, UN 38.3, and the MSDS. Samsara is approved to be carried on flights with the Smart Unit in the suitcase. Or to be checked-in - with the Smart Unit removed.


In terms of size and space, we’ve compartmentalized every detail to pack as much as possible into the 20-inch tall carry on suitcase. What’s more, plugging in and charging devices has never been so easy due to multiple USB ports!


The suitcase and luggage incorporate all the electronic components into one unit that is completely removable. Our high-tech, smart carry on suitcase is definitely a luxury item. Yet, we have developed a cost-effective carry on suitcase using recyclable materials for a fraction of the price.


The Samsara Smart Suitcase is sleek, low investment, smart, durable, stylish, and the most functional carry on with USB port luggage item in the travel marketplace today. 



  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: The 20-inch smart carry on suitcase is featured in Forbes and engineered by Samsara Suitcase. It is connected to you via mobile App. You'll instantly get a notification if the carry on suitcase with USB moves away from you. You can also get alerts if it was opened or stolen. The App controls the LED light inside the carry on suitcase and monitors the battery percentage. The luggage features USB-C compatibility to charge laptops, mobile devices, and tablets
  • FASHION MEETS FUNCTION: Our USB carry on has everything you need for your trip including packing bags, toiletries bag and garment bag. Some of the smart carry on TSA approved luggage design features consist of an ergonomic design with a flat top, allowing you to work and stay connected wherever you are. Ultra-protection for your belongings is built-in with security features and a special App
  • TSA CERTIFIED: The smart carry on luggage USB suitcase offers a sleek design. It is the perfect accessory while on the go. It looks just as good as it travels. An important feature of the smart carry on luggage is the vast certifications for travel. The Samsara luggage comes with certifications from the FCC, RoHS, IEC62471, TSA Locks, CE, UN 38.3, and the MSDS. Choose from black matte or natural silver!
  • ESSENCE OF TRAVEL: Look smart and travel intelligently with the Samsara carry on, including everything you need on the go. The suitcase is made of aviation aluminum alloy, and geared for easy and efficient travel in today's modern, technological world. Our forward-looking creative team collaborated to rethink the essence of travel - specifically for your needs, blending classic looks and cutting-edge technology with your best carry on luggage for your travels
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ALUMINUM: Our smart carry-on 20-inch lock luggage with USB ports is constructed from natural aluminum. The aluminum is lightweight and durable, and fireproof. Aluminum is endlessly recyclable. The materials used to develop the smart suitcase USB has no limit on the amount of times it can be recycled. The material is Aviation-grade creating an intelligent travel experience!

Brand: Samsara

Color: Black

EAN: 7290117364550

Package Dimensions: 25.8 x 16.3 x 12.0 inches