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Multi-Functional Tool Large Hair Clip Is a Bottle Opener, Screw Driver, Scraper, Box Cutter, Serrated Knife. 

Details: Novelty, fashion, utility and FUN

Come to the rescue at parties, opening packages, repairing sunglasses! This amusing novelty elevates your common hair accessory to a tactical toolbox

It's a screwdriver! A bottle opener! A nail file! A ruler!

We've all been in those occasions when we really needed to pop a bottlecap, pry something out of a tight spot, file a chipped nail, tighten a little you're prepared to whip out this handy clip and amuse and delight your friends and kids.

But wait, there's more!

Pop the clip open and you can open envelopes, cut through tape on packages, and take the measure of things with the ruler. And oh, can put up your hair with it, too. Give someone the gift of fun, and have some of your own - get yours today


  • Save 10% when buying this 3 pack. Tactical Fashion -- Yes, it really is a hair clip and you can use it that way. It's also a functional, practical multi tool
  • A Tiny Toolbox in Your Pocket -You know those times when you've needed a quick fixit or just want to open a bottle? Now you're ready!
  • Ready for Action - Need a ruler? Tighten screws, file down rough spots or fingernails, pop a soda? At your service!
  • Durable, Stylish Utility -- Made of springy high-strength stainless steel, this multi purpose hairclip will never get dull or break
  • Putting the Fun in Functional - It's amusing along with supremely useful and original. Pocket- and wallet-friendly as well - makes a fun gift!

Brand: Monkey Business

Color: Black - Single

Publisher: Monkey Business

EAN: 7290001379820

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.0 x 0.2 inches