Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide: to Mastering the Greatest Hobby In the World

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“Invaluable for the first timer! I wish I had this book when I was just starting the hobby of metal detecting!” - Josh in Florida

“I have been metal detecting for over 5 years and this great metal detecting guide book taught me plenty of new tips and tricks.” - Mike in Texas

“You can never learn too much about metal detecting. This book covers all the basics and some more advanced techniques too.” - Bill in California

“The illustrations and pictures made it so much easier to understand pinpointing and recovering targets.”- Todd in Chicago

“I found my first good coin site using the information in this book. I pulled over 25 pieces of silver out of the ground!” - Tim in Indiana

“This metal detecting book turned me on to some new places to hunt that produced some very valuable finds.”- Bob in Tennessee

There is an entire world of buried treasure right under our feet. This book shows you how to claim your share. Over 200 pages of valuable metal detecting information designed to get you out there finding treasure on your very first outing.

Finding treasure with a metal detector is real and doing it is simple and easy once you read this book. There are people finding incredible old coins made from gold and silver, valuable historical relics and old jewelry made from gold, silver and platinum. But you won't find these great treasures unless you know where and how to look. Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide shows you this and much more.

Veteran detectorist and treasure enthusiast Mark Smith continues to provide great information to anyone interested in the great hobby of metal detecting. In his second book on the subject, he manages to answer the common questions that every novice has when they are thinking about getting started. From choosing the right machine to identifying your valuable treasure, Mark Smith covers these subjects and everything in between in an easy to un

EAN: 9781494964412

Release Date: 15-01-2014

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 5.8 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English

Author: Mark Smith

Number Of Pages: 218

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform