Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven, 4-Quart

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Details: Regarding the chip in the finish of the product: It is a result of seasoning the pan in production. The cookware is hanging as it rides on a conveyer through the seasoning process. As it rides through the seasoning tunnel, an electrostatic sprayer applies a natural vegetable oil seasoning to the pan. As it the pan passes through the seasoning ovens, the seasoning oil can sometimes collect into a small bubble at the lowest point of the pan and as it’s heated in the seasoning ovens, that bubble can develop a baked-like surface. That surface can sometimes flake and reveal a brownish color beneath. The brownish color is not rust but caramelized seasoning baked onto the iron itself and disappears with use. It is inherent in the seasoning process and not a defect.


  • 4-Quart Camp Dutch Oven for campfire or fireplace cooking
  • Seasoned cast iron ready to use
  • Cast iron lid inverts for use as griddle
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Inside dimensions: 10-inch diameter by 3.5-inch deep

Brand: Lodge

Publisher: Lodge Logic

UPC: 728639329865

EAN: 752913158933

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 11.1 x 6.8 inches