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Details: Stuck sitting for hours on end? Sleep the time away with no hassle! This essential item combines everything great about a hoodie and a neck pillow into one game-changing travel accessory. Fall right into a deep sleep thanks to the pillow’s premium-grade memory foam, which molds to the shape of the head and neck and keeps its form over hours of use. The foam reacts to neck and head pressure nearly instantly, resulting in a supportive, comfortable experience that standard down- and poly-filled travel pillows are unlikely to match. The hoodie goes the extra step of keeping light—and the gaze of passersby—out. It’s designed with fabric engineered for its light-blocking capabilities. The hood fits snugly over the eyes for nearly all heads, making catching a few Zs mid-flight or mid-ride a real, and comfortable, possibility. It’ll be a warm, relaxing dream too, thanks to this item’s remarkable heat-trapping fabric.

● Premium memory foam for instant, long-lasting support

● Light-blocking, privacy-creating hoodie for undisturbed sleep

● High-tech fabric keeps cold air out for higher-quality sleep

● Ideal for both travel and household use


  • PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM - Stuck in a cramped seat for hours on end? Sleep it off with ease thanks to this game-changing travel accessory! This combination neck pillow and hoodie will keep you comfortable as you drift off to sleep with its endlessly supportive, premium-grade memory foam. This tough foam reacts to pressure from the head and neck, cradling your body in the most natural position possible. It keeps its shape with extended use, meaning its support won't falter-ever.
  • ATTACHED HOOD - Tired of everyone seeing your sleep face, or your neighbor's spotlight creeping into your eyes while you try to sleep? With this forward-thinking combination, finding privacy while traveling in public spaces is no issue. Lift and pull the hood over your eyes to create an instant barrier between you and the light, chilly air, or even your fellow passengers. The lightweight fabric isn't bulky, so it won't get in your way when it's folded down and not in use.
  • LIGHT-BLOCKING FABRIC - Get your rest in peace and quiet, no matter how long your flight. The hoodie attached to this neck pillow is designed to block out light and dampen sound, helping you get the restful sleep you need on flights and rides. The hood is designed to be large enough to fit nearly all head shapes, so you can pull the cover over your eyes and ears with ease.
  • WARMTH WHEREVER - Let's face it: no matter how many layers you bring with you, planes have the most unpredictable temperatures. At least you won't have to worry about your neck, head, and ears! The fabric covering this essential travel accessory is engineered to trap warmth against the body, so you can ward off that chill while settling in for your trip. No need for a hefty blanket or bulky scarf with this pillow in tow!
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - Take this hoodie neck pillow with you anywhere you go! This indispensable travel item is ideal for making many of the most aggravating moments of road, air, bus, or train travel less stressful. Use it to transform an uncomfortable airplane seat into a heavenly sleeping experience, a bumpy car or bus seat into a supportive, warm space, or a rickety train seat into a comfortable corner where you can recline right off to sleep!

Brand: High Sierra

Color: Hoodie Travel Pillow / Gray

Publisher: High Sierra

UPC: 843620103665

EAN: 843620103665

Release Date: 09-03-2019

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.9 x 4.4 inches