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Details: This product is shipped from Norway! TAX and freight is included. Package included Stove and content + Tentprotector + 2 extra pipes + Sparkarrestor, you are ready to go camping with this set. BESTSELLER!! Gstove Heat is designed for the experienced outdoor that needs low weight and more room for wood and longer burntime to keep you warm the cold nights. We have in Heat editions removed the integrated cookingstove that Gstove Cooking offers, this to make room for more and larger wood. If you have a larger tent, this is the stove for you. Gstove tent stoves is universal stoves that fits all tents and can be upgraded both in effect and use.


  • Low Weight
  • High Effect
  • Low wood Consumption
  • Upgradable
  • All you need to go camping

Brand: Gstove

Color: Stainless Steel

Publisher: Gstove

EAN: 7090044221601