Stainless Steel Elastic Fishing Rod

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Fishing rod:
1,Material: stainless steel
2,Handle material: EVA
3,Pole body length: about 34.5cm
4,Handle length: about 22.5cm
5,After connecting the overall length: about 57cm
6,Single bar + handle weight: about 200g
7,A set of weight: About 500g
PZ-4C-SG: tonal hard adjustable H
PZ-5C-SG: tonal hard MH
PZ-6C-SG: tonal M
PZ-7C-SG: tonal soft ML
PZ-8C-SG: tonal soft tone L
Warm tip: need to feel the customer, the proposed choice of 8C, feel better

Fishing wheel:
1>1000 front unloading all-metal spinning wheel
2>Handle direction: left and right hand interchangeable
3>Bearing: stainless steel bearings
4>Speed ratio: 5: 1: 1
5>Number of bearings: 12 + 1
6>Line capacity: 0.15MM / 180M; 0.18MM / 140M; 0.20MM / 120M
7>Size: 10 * 11 * 11CM
8>Suitable for waters: sea, river, lake, reservoir and so on


  • 1、Special United States imports of aviation super strong special steel wire
  • 2、Foam handle
  • 3、Perfect portable packaging bag
  • 4、Speed ratio: 5: 1: 1
  • 5、Number of bearings: 12 + 1;Line capacity: 0.15MM / 180M; 0.18MM / 140M; 0.20MM / 120M

Brand: Emmrod

Publisher: EMMROD

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