Emergency Zone 4 Person Urban Survival 72-Hour Bug Out/Go Bag

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Details: Included in this kit ORGANIZATION:Black backpack x2 Zip lock bags x5Waterproof document container WEATHER PROTECTION:Reflective sleeping bags x4Adult size poncho x42 person tube tent x2 Hand warmers x4 FOOD AND WATER:US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 3600 calorie bars x4US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 4.2 oz water pouches x241 L water purification powder x5Folding 1 L water container for purifying waterWater purification instruction sheet LIGHT AND COMMUNICATION:Dynamo AM/FM radio/flashlight/mobile phone chargerLight sticks x4 HYGIENE:Toothbrush x4ToothpasteCombRazorShampooSoapFeminine pad x4WashclothToilet paper rollSewing kit. 61 PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Band aidsDressingButterfly closuresCotton tip applicatorsTowelettesN95 masks x4Self-adhesive bandageTweezersTrauma scissors MISC SUPPLIES:10yd duct tape5 in 1 survival whistle50 ft ropeLeather palm work glovesMulti tool knifePlaying cardsGI can openerPencil48 page Emergency Preparedness Guide


  • ✅ PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY- A multi-purpose 72-hour go kit designed to prepare you and your family for any emergency event or disaster, whether you are bugging out to a shelter or staying indoors; Built according to the recommendations of FEMA, Red Cross, and other disaster relief agencies making the Urban Survival Kit one you and your family can rely on; Keep one in your HOME, CAR, or OFFICE and always be prepared
  • ✅ DISCRETE DESIGN KEEPS YOU SAFER- this emergency kit comes in unmarked, nondescript, non-tactical backpacks that won't draw unwanted attention to you and your valuable emergency supplies during the desperation of a disaster
  • ✅ SPACIOUS, HEAVY-DUTY BACKPACK: We build our disaster kits to be as lightweight and compact as possible, so it won't weigh you down and you'll still have enough space remaining to include personal items such as medication, clothing, cash, and important documents
  • ✅ AMPLE WATER SUPPLIES- in addition to the SOS BRAND, COAST GUARD APPROVED Water pouches (5-year shelf life from manufacture) we also add a Frontier Brand WATER FILTER STRAW which will filter up to 30 GALLONS of water, eliminating harmful bacteria such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • ✅ COMPACT and PRACTICAL FOOD BARS- the USA MADE SOS BRAND 3600 Calorie Food Ration Bars are US Coast Guard approved (5-year shelf life from manufacture); The food ration bars are great tasting and calorie dense, require no extra water to rehydrate, no reheating, and were developed to be non-thirst inducing

Brand: Emergency Zone

Color: Black

Publisher: Emergency Zone

UPC: 850253006201

EAN: 850253006201

Package Dimensions: 18.3 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches