Dirt Cheap Valuable Survival Retreat: Facts You Never Knew About Getting An Inexpensive, Off-Grid, Defensible, SHTF Survival Retreat

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Details: What will you do when the power has been out for weeks or longer, and the crowds come to your house? Will you be able to protect yourself and your family, and keep your supplies from being taken from you? You may find yourself woefully outnumbered, and you will wish that you had a survival retreat, out in the country, to which you and your family had gone when the SHTF. The good news is that obtaining a survival retreat is not as expensive nor as difficult as you might think. In this book, Cal Wilson relates his own experiences with buying and preparing his survival retreat in the country. Wilson discusses issues he had with his property like the discounted costs per acre in the country verses comparable costs in the city, easy financing of country properties, the cheapest and quickest ways to get a dwelling on your property, off-grid power, the importance of having a good front gate and stable roads, ways to coordinate a survival team, tips on dealing with contractors and lawyers, and other important survival retreat issues. As always, Wilson writes in an easy-to-understand, folksy and at times humorous manner while getting his points across. His last non-fiction book, Dirt Cheap Valuable Prepping, was heralded by reviewers as “very readable,” fun” and “with lots of humor.” This book will entertain you as well, while you learn the important facts about getting and preparing your own survival retreat.

Author: Cal Wilson

Number Of Pages: 164

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

EAN: 9781546860662

Release Date: 01-06-2017

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.4 inches

Languages: English