Radiological Survey Meter - Geiger Counter (Like in Chernobyl)

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Details: By far the most common US civil defense meter on the market today. This is a simple ion chamber radiological survey meter, specifically designed for high-radiation fields for which Geiger counters will give incorrect readings . Survey meters do not read alpha or beta radiation. They work by radiation penetrating the case of the unit and the enclosed ionization chamber to produce a visible reading between 0.1R/hr and 500R/hr (X0.1, X1, X10, and X100 scales). Any source of gamma radiation would be expected to cause a visible deflection of the meter, so it might be assumed that such a radiation field could be dangerous. Such a meter would not be expected to detect the presence of radiation except the very high levels that might be found in the event of a nuclear weapon detonation or a major release of radioactive material as from a nuclear reactor meltdown. These units are in good condition, however, we do not warrant their functionality, accuracy or performance in a gamma or beta environment, or otherwise.. In the unlikely event that a maintenance issue would occur, the manual (reprint) has a rather extensive troubleshooting and corrective maintenance section, including repair and replacement of resistors, diodes, etc.


  • Civil Defense Department instrument issued for civilian use during and after nuclear attack or reactor meltdown. Handheld unit designed to be used by persons entering a suspected contaminated area, so they are informed about the level of radiation in that location.
  • This model was made to detect HIGH levels of Gamma radiation ONLY. For display or parts use. No guarantee of any type of accurate function. Sold as a novelty. Own a piece of history.
  • 6 Selector Switch Settings: Circuit check, Off, Zero (calibrate), X0.1 (0-.5 r/hr, X1 (0-5 r/hr), X10 (0-50 r/hr), X100 (0-500 r/hr). Zero Adjust Knob.
  • Ruggedized, Sealed meter is watertight, and resists shock and vibration damage. The 717 features a 25 ft. extension cable wound and stored in the lower housing of the unit.
  • Operates on standard D-Cell batteries (not included). Manufactured in the early 60's

Brand: Office of Civil Defense

Color: Yellow

Publisher: Victoreen Instrument Company

EAN: 6265718893472

Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.4 x 6.9 inches