Heat Sealed Glow in The Dark Water/Sweat Resistant Glowing Wristbands

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Details: BSeen 2ed Generation LED Slap Band is constructed with PATENT PENDING technology with many improved features comparing with other LED slap bands in the market:
● Improved SWEAT/WATER resistance, completely solving the sweat corrosion to the batteries
● Superior Overall Appearance: Instead of cut and sew process, the new LED Slap Band is created with our PATENT PENDING sonic sealing process.
● Ultra High Visible Reflective Printing: 4 designed patterns and 6 colors total 24 Skus to choose from.
● Extremely Easy Battery Replacement: With Patent Pending Pull Tab installed on the battery kit. By simply pulling out the battery kit, batteries can be replaced easily.
● Safest Material: comparing with most of our competitors, BSeen LED Slap Band is constructed with the highest stand material. Materials not only met the ROHS requirement, but met the children Toy standard, e.g. less than 100 ppm of lead.

BSeen 2ed Generation LED Slap Band is battery powered, ultra-high visible glowing band with LED as light source and highly light transmitting polymer to allow the band provide 360 degree visibility either in GLOW or FLASHING MODE. The size of the Band is One size to fit all, it can be easily applied as: Bracelet, Armband, wristband, ankle band, bicycle safety band for both adults and children. Possible applications:
● Children for fun in the evening
● Glow Party
● Runners or Joggers
● People walking their pets
● Cyclists that can wear the Band or slap wrap to any part of the bike
● Outdoor activity that can slap wrap the band to the backpack
● Campers

As the original designer and patent holder, we have considered much more details than those manufacturers knock-off our designs.


  • ♥PATENT PENDING BRAND NEW DESIGN: Different from Bseen 1st Generation LED slap Band and all the other ones in the market, this 2ed generation LED Slap Band is accomplished with heat sealing technology. This new technology is in US PATENT PENDING.
  • ♥WATER/SWEAT RESISTANT: Different from all the Slap Bands in the market, the heat sealed technology requires the top and bottom fabrics to have a TPU coating while they were sonic pressed to join together. This make the product not only water resistant, but also sweat resistant (sweat is one of the major problems in the existing ones in the market that is cause corrosion to the batteries).
  • ♥ULTRA HIGH VISIBILITY: Small Lithium Battery powered LED lights provides 360 degree ultra-high visibility in dusk and night time activities. The brightness is much higher than the glow in the dark glow sticks. Reflective printing on the top provides extra security for runners, joggers, cyclists, those walking their dogs, kids.
  • ♥LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT, FLEXIBLE EXTREMELY EASY TO WEAR: designed with comfort in mind. The Band is only 1.3 OZ. by weight. Top material is super thin high strength nylon material and bottom layer with Lycra fabric to make it soft to prevent fatigue and discomfort for wearers of all ages. Comfortable On Both Children And Adults and Pets. Super Easy to apply by simply slapping again the wrist, arm or angle part, it will curl wrap automatically.
  • ♥EASY BATTERY REPLACEMENT: The 2ed generation of BSeen Slap Band implemented a Patent Pending Technology that has a PULL TAB attached to the Battery kit. By simply pulling the TAB, the battery holder will be exposed. This Makes the battery replacement extremely easy. It Operates with 2xCR2016 Batteries for Blue and Green LED versions and 1x CR2032 for Other models.

Brand: BSEEN

Color: Green-DesignⅠ

Publisher: Yuansen

UPC: 811483026001

EAN: 811483026001

Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches