5 Gallon Carboy, 6 Pack (30 Gallons), Emergency Water Storage Kit

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Details: 5 gallon water storage containers, 6 pack. Portable. Food-grade plastic. Included caps (1 per container, 6 total) have gaskets and 3/4 NPT knockouts for use with the included spigot (qty 1 spigot per kit). If desired, carefully remove the membrane in the center of one of the caps and install the spigot. Use this cap as needed to dispense. Caps are typically tightened by hand but some folks may find it easier to use the included cap wrench (qty 1 per kit). New product arrives clean and in a box Ships free!!


  • Portable // Water NOT Included
  • Great as camp jugs
  • BPA free Food-grade Plastic; Plastic resin USA sourced
  • Includes one spigot and one plastic lid wrench.
  • Made in the USA, Ships free!!

Brand: Hedpak

Color: Natural

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 21.0 x 20.0 inches